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{{Div col}} formats a list into columns that wrap properly and compatibly with portable computer devices, especially PAD operating systems and small screens.

Purpose[edit source]

It automatically breaks the available screen space into equal parts, meaning, for instance, that it is not necessary to guess how many columns to use and then figure out the dividing point(s), e.g., the halfway point to divide the list into two columns, or the one-third and two-thirds points to divide the list into three columns.

  • The list content is either provided by the |content= parameter (which can be restrictive of what content is allowed; e.g., wiki markup such as the | character must somehow be escaped), or terminated with {{div col end}}.
  • The template system (family) also offers parameter options to set a smaller (90%) font-size parameter (|small=yes), place vertical lines parameter ("rules") between the columns (|rules=) and to add other custom styling (|style=).

Parameters[edit source]

Ends a multi-column list started by {{div col}}. It takes no parameters.

Template parameters

No parameters specified