Mayonaise Dream

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Mayonaise Dream
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Bootleg of
LabelKiss The Stone

Mayonaise Dream from Kiss The Stone records is the first bootleg album of several to have the Mayonaise Dream title. It documents various live shows in the Europe and US in 1993. The liner notes include a mysterious photo of young Billy Corgan, James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin doppelgängers.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

1."Cherub Rock" (acoustic)1993-06-22 (MTV Studios; London, UK)4:26
2."Disarm" (acoustic)1993-06-22 (MTV Studios; London, UK)3:19
3."Rocket" (acoustic)1992-08-23 (BBC London Radio; London, UK)4:43
4."Spaceboy" (acoustic)1992-08-23 (BBC London Radio; London, UK)3:02
5."Rocket" (acoustic)1993-06-30 (VPRO Radio; Hilversum, NL)4:19
6."Cherub Rock" (acoustic)1993-06-30 (VPRO Radio; Hilversum, NL)4:29
7."Today" (acoustic)1993-06-30 (VPRO Radio; Hilversum, NL)3:23
8."Disarm" (acoustic)1993-06-30 (VPRO Radio; Hilversum, NL)3:24
9."Spaceboy" (acoustic)1993-06-30 (VPRO Radio; Hilversum, NL)4:07
10."Dancing in the Moonlight" (acoustic)1993-06-30 (VPRO Radio; Hilversum, NL)4:07
11."Siva" (electric)1992-08-29 (Reading Festival; Reading, UK)4:50
12."Today" (electric)1993-09-15 (Manchester Academy; Manchester, UK)3:20
13."Disarm" (electric)1993-09-15 (Manchester Academy; Manchester, UK)3:22
14."Rhinoceros" (electric)1992-09-XX (BBC Studios; London, UK)4:36
15."Cherub Rock" (electric)1993-10-31 (MTV Studios; New York City, US)4:39
16."Rocket" (electric)1993-10-31 (MTV Studios; New York City, US)4:00
17."Disarm" (electric)1993-10-31 (MTV Studios; New York City, US)3:20
18."Today" (electric)1993-10-31 (MTV Studios; New York City, US)3:25
19."Mayonaise" (acoustic)1993-07-03 (BBC Studios; London, UK)1:30

Release history[edit | edit source]

Released Label Catalog ID Format Country External sites
1994 Kiss The Stone KTS 261 CD Italy Discogs MusicBrainz [1]
1994 Kiss The Stone E 90-032 Cassette Italy Discogs [1]
More releases: DiscogsMusicBrainz

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