Linda Linda Linda

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Linda Linda Linda
Linda Linda Linda.jpg
Soundtrack by
ReleasedJuly 20, 2005
StudioStratosphere Sound
New York, NY, US

Linda Linda Linda is the soundtrack for the 2005 Japanese film directed by Nobuhiro Yamashita. All instrumental songs are written and performed by James Iha. It was recorded in Stratosphere Sound in New York City.[1] Other songs featured were by Paranmaum, Base Ball Bear and Yukawa Shione.

The film centers around a group of three high school girls in a punk rock band, with their sights set on performing at a local rock festival. They lose their lead singer, but find a replacement that gives the group the edge they need.[2] The Chicago Reader wrote that Iha's contributions gave the film an "energetic score,"[2] while the critic Craig Skinner wrote Iha "creates a dreamy and naive score that beautifully complements the visual aesthetics of the film."[3]

Footage of the Linda Linda Linda studio sessions at Stratosphere Sound in New York.

Tracks of interest[edit | edit source]

All tracks are written by James Iha.
1."オープニングタイトル" (Opening Title)2:45
3."放課後" (houkago - After School)1:05
4."4人の風景" (yonin no fuukei - Scenery of 4 People)1:20
6."ある日の昼下がり" (aru hi no hirusagari - Early Afternoon One Day)0:27
8."ひいらぎ祭" (hiiragi matsuri - Holly Festival)0:31
10."風に吹かれて" (kaze ni fukarete - Blown by the Wind)1:05
11."Cat Walk"0:47
12."大切な時間" (taisetsu na jkikan - Important Time)3:13
13."ソンの夢" (son no yume - Son's Dream)1:14
14."恵と響子と望" (kei to kyouko to nozomi - Kei, Kyoko and Nozomi)0:42
15."夕暮れの帰り道" (yuugure no kaerimichi - The Evening Road Home)1:36
16."眩い午後" (mabayui gogo - Dazzling Afternoon)0:54
18."優しい時間" (yasashii jikan - Gentle Time)1:23

Release history[edit | edit source]

Released Label Catalog ID Format Country External sites
July 20, 2005 Universal UPCH-1425 CD Japan MusicBrainz [1]
More releases: MusicBrainz

References[edit | edit source]

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