In Plainsong tour

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In Plainsong tour
Tour by The Smashing Pumpkins
Start date2015-06-15
End date2016-05-01
No. of shows36
No. of cities33
No. of countries2
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Songs performed

Song No. shows Cover
Song No. shows Cover
Stand Inside Your Love 37 (original)
Spaceboy 36 (original)
Mayonaise 36 (original)
1979 36 (original)
Tonight, Tonight 36 (original)
Pinwheels 36 (original)
Today 36 (original)
Disarm 32 (original)
Cardinal Rule 31 (original)
Stumbleine 29 (original)
Lily (My One and Only) 29 (original)
Malibu 28 Hole
Whir 28 (original)
Thirty-Three 28 (original)
Angie 28 The Rolling Stones
Eye 28 (original)
Mary Star of the Sea (song) 28 (original)
Identify 28 (original)
Rocket 28 (original)
Space Oddity 28 David Bowie
The Spaniards 28 (original)
Sorrows (In Blue) 28 (original)
Jesus, I 28 traditional
Saturnine 28 (original)
Soma 28 (original)
The World's Fair 28 (original)
Being Beige 25 (original)
My Life and Times 23 (original)
Red Dirt 17 (original)
Something 14 The Beatles
Now (And Then) 9 (original)
To Sheila 9 (original)
Jersey Shore 9 (original)
Landslide 8 Stevie Nicks
The Crying Tree of Mercury 8 (original)
Behold! the Night Mare 8 (original)
Prairie Song 8 (original)
Run2me 8 (original)
Blissed and Gone 8 (original)
Sparrow 8 (original)
Drum + Fife 8 (original)
99 Floors 8 (original)
My Poor Troubled Heart 8 traditional
For Martha 8 (original)
For Your Love (song) 8 (original)
Ava Adore 8 (original)
Perfect 8 (original)
A Stitch in Time 8 (original)
Bye June 7 (original)
Purr Snickety 6 (original)
Daydream 6 (original)
Knockin' on Heaven's Door 6 Bob Dylan
Dorian 5 (original)
A New Poetry 5 (original)
Amarinthe 4 (original)
Freedom Ain't What It Used to Be 3 (original)
Happy Birthday to You 3 Patty Hill / Mildred J. Hill
El-A-Noy 3 (original)
La Grange 2 ZZ Top
My Dahlia 1 (original)
Tush 1 ZZ Top
Luna 1 (original)
The Cross (Prince song) 1 Prince
I Can Help 1 Billy Swan
Beautiful 1 (original)
Jennifer Ever 1 (original)

Songs teased

Song No. shows Cover
Song No. shows Cover
Bridge of Sighs 4 Robin Trower
Born in the U.S.A. 3 Bruce Springsteen
Whole Lotta Love 2 Led Zeppelin
Blister in the Sun 2 Violent Femmes
I Am One 1 (original)
Tribute to Johnny 1 (original)
Can't Stand the Weather 1 Stevie Ray Vaughan
Let Me Give the World to You 1 (original)
Tristessa 1 (original)
Rhinoceros 1 (original)
Daydream 1 (original)
Snail 1 (original)
Apathy's Last Kiss 1 (original)
Stairway to Heaven 1 Led Zeppelin
Valentine 1 (original)
Suffer 1 (original)
Siva 1 (original)
Breathe 1 Pink Floyd
Alive 1 Pearl Jam
Window Paine 1 (original)
Bury Me 1 (original)
Heartbreaker 1 Led Zeppelin
Moby Dick 1 Led Zeppelin
Geek U.S.A. 1 (original)
Crush 1 (original)


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