Fade on Violet

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"Fade on Violet"
Song by The Marked
Songwriter(s)Billy Corgan

"Fade on Violet" is an early demo song by Billy Corgan's first band, The Marked, with Corgan on vocals.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

i walk the wall behind you
i walk the wall
i walk the wall behind you
i walk the wall

i stare at you through a shattered window
when you walked down my street
i always think of you when i'm standing alone
but we know that i shouldn't think like that

fade on violet
fade on violet

well i thought to myself
i've always waited for you
but then i know, you'd never look again
when i was standing on the street corner
in my paisley mind
i always dream about you

fade on violet

in my street car named desire
it's my only fire
like a black and white movie of marlon brando
with my hands in my pockets
well i'd die for you in a day
and i'd move to the line
i'd drop in my hole
and wait for you to take my hand

fade on violet
fade on violet

on every crease
that bears your name
i can't wait to tell everybody
it's not the same
and the crescent moon that waits for you far above
this is why they'll die soon at home
to the hole below

fade on violet
fade on violet
fade on violet

you danced in the rain
hopeless ground
i hate my pain
as you face dances


The Marked Aug '86Demo • Bootleg
Demo Recordings Mar 85 - Jan 87Demo • Bootleg

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