Europe 2008 tour

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Europe 2008 tour
Tour by The Smashing Pumpkins
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Start date2008-01-30
End date2008-03-03
No. of shows23
No. of cities23
No. of countries14
The Smashing Pumpkins tour chronology



Songs performed

Song Shows Cover
Song Shows Cover
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans 24 (original)
Ava Adore 23 (original)
Lily (My One and Only) 23 (original)
Try, Try, Try 23 (original)
Bullet with Butterfly Wings 23 (original)
Today 23 (original)
(Come On) Let's Go! 23 (original)
Bring the Light 23 (original)
That's the Way (My Love Is) 23 (original)
Stand Inside Your Love 23 (original)
Perfect 23 (original)
Mayonaise 23 (original)
Drown 23 (original)
The Rose March 23 (original)
Superchrist 23 (original)
Behold! the Night Mare 23 (original)
1979 23 (original)
Tarantula 23 (original)
Stellar 23 (original)
Tonight, Tonight 23 (original)
Cash Car Star 22 (original)
The Everlasting Gaze 22 (original)
My Blue Heaven 22 Walter Donaldson / George A. Whiting
United States 21 (original)
Daydream 17 (original)
Wound 15 (original)
Cherub Rock 12 (original)
I Don't Mind 9 (original)
Lips Like Sugar 4 Echo & the Bunnymen
Bury Me 2 (original)
The Zoo 2 Scorpions
I Am One 2 (original)
Run, Shaker Life 2 Richie Havens
Geek U.S.A. 2 (original)
Lips Like Sugar 1 Echo and the Bunnymen
Robot Man 1 Scorpions

Songs teased

Song Shows Cover
Song Shows Cover
Easy Livin' 22 Uriah Heep
For What It's Worth 22 Buffalo Springfield
Foreplay 22 Boston
Wasted Years 22 Iron Maiden
The Star-Spangled Banner 21 Francis Scott Key
We've Only Just Begun 1 The Carpenters
Danny Boy 1 Frederic Weatherly
Dazed and Confused 1 Led Zeppelin
Für Elise 1 Beethoven
Whole Lotta Love 1 Led Zeppelin
Call the Shots 1 Girls Aloud


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