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Adore tour
Tour by The Smashing Pumpkins
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Start date1998-05-12
End date1998-08-21
No. of shows61
No. of cities48
No. of countries21
The Smashing Pumpkins tour chronology

The Adore tour kicked off with a televised performance on Later... with Jools Holland in London, and continued through 21 countries, ending in Argentina. Some dates abroad were billed as An Evening with The Smashing Pumpkins. The band performed at a number of at what had been called an "eclectic mix of interesting venues",[1] among them the rooftop of a FNAC record store in Paris, France,[2] in the botanic gardens of Brussels, Belgium,[3] at the Cannes Film Festival,[4] and at an International Shipping Harbor in Sydney, Australia.[5]

Back home in United States, the Pumpkins donated 100% of their ticket profits to local charities. In the end, the band raised more than $2.8 million, while also funding expenses out of pocket[6] (yet one stop on the tour, July 17, 1998 in Minneapolis, was a free concert and underestimated the attendance of the show).[7] The July 7, 1998 performance by itself raised over half a million dollars to Chicago's Make-A-Wish Foundation, the largest donation ever made to the organization. Billy Corgan later reflected this as one of the band's greatest accomplishments. He added that while he felt the Adore tour didn't get the recognition it deserved, the tour helped bring the band back to their roots and set the stage for the final two years prior to the 2000 breakup.[8]

The lineup was the most expansive yet. With original drummer Jimmy Chamberlin out of the band, John Mellencamp and Melissa Etheridge drummer Kenny Aronoff took the lead, with Dan Morris and Stephen Hodges on backup percussion. Famed pianist Mike Garson served as the keyboardist. In retrospect, Corgan regretted the decision to hire the two percussionists to play alongside Aronoff, instead of having the drummer play along with loops from the album. "That drove Kenny up the wall because Kenny has perfect time and one guy played on top and the other behind. I remember Kenny saying, 'I feel like I'm tripping on LSD' because he kept hearing things that were not in time, and it drove him crazy," said Corgan in the Adore reissue liner notes. Performing with Garson was also challenging because, according to Corgan, "he made a decision 40 years ago that he would live in the intuitive flow of what he was feeling, so he literally cannot play the same thing twice. So we'd have gigs where he'd have that same magic as on Aladdin Sane and the next night he'd come and play the extreme opposite style—like honkytonk. I really respect Mike, but to play with him was always challenging; precisely because he is such a supreme musician."[9]

The sets mainly consisted of Adore material, with only a handful of reworked Mellon Collie songs and no songs from prior to 1995, eliminating many of their radio hits and fan favorites, with the exception of some shows performed in South American countries like Brazil and Chile, where they played for the first time, so they included old hits like "Today" and "Disarm". The tour also saw several festival appearances and the band's first visit to Mexico, before ending in Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 21, 1998.



Songs performed

Song Shows Cover
Song Shows Cover
Ava Adore 60 (original)
Perfect 57 (original)
To Sheila 55 (original)
Shame 50 (original)
Tear 49 (original)
Bullet with Butterfly Wings 48 (original)
For Martha 47 (original)
Tonight, Tonight 46 (original)
1979 45 (original)
Once Upon a Time 43 (original)
Thru the Eyes of Ruby 39 (original)
Transmission 36 Joy Division
Pug 33 (original)
Daphne Descends 33 (original)
Crestfallen 31 (original)
Blank Page 27 (original)
Behold! the Night Mare 26 (original)
Annie-Dog 18 (original)
The Tale of Dusty and Pistol Pete 15 (original)
Stumbleine 14 (original)
Let Me Give the World to You 14 (original)
Appels + Oranjes 10 (original)
I Want You to Want Me 4 Cheap Trick
Zero 2 (original)
Night Boat 1 Duran Duran
Disarm 1 (original)
Blissed and Gone 1 (original)
Today 1 (original)
This Wheel's on Fire 1 The Band

Songs teased

Song Shows Cover
Song Shows Cover
Let's Dance 26 David Bowie
Zero 25 (original)
Summertime 23 George Gershwin
Where Boys Fear to Tread 17 (original)
Help! 10 The Beatles
Today 4 (original)
Cherub Rock 3 (original)
Tear 3 (original)
Rock You Like a Hurricane 2 Scorpions
Twilight Zone Theme 2 Marius Constant
The Star-Spangled Banner 2 Francis Scott Key
Sunshine of Your Love 1 Cream
Drown 1 (original)
Eye 1 (original)
Country Death Song 1 Violent Femmes
James Bond Theme 1 Monty Norman
Annie-Dog 1 (original)
Sweet Leaf 1 Black Sabbath
Tristessa 1 (original)
My Way 1 Frank Sinatra
Second Prelude 1 Gershwin
Don't Cry for Me Argentina 1 Andrew Lloyd Webber / Tim Rice
Bullet with Butterfly Wings 1 (original)
Galapogos 1 (original)
Soma 1 (original)
Tequila 1 The Champs
X.Y.U. 1 (original)
1979 1 (original)
Sympathy For The Devil 1 The Rolling Stones
Happy Birthday to You 1 Patty Hill / Mildred J. Hill
Jumpin' Jack Flash 1 The Rolling Stones
Smells Like Teen Spirit 1 Nirvana
All the Young Dudes 1 David Bowie
Living After Midnight 1 Judas Priest
For Martha 1 (original)
Iron Man 1 Black Sabbath
Quiet 1 (original)
Whole Lotta Love 1 Led Zeppelin
I Want You to Want Me 1 Cheap Trick
Space Jam 1 (original)
Turning Japanese 1 The Vapors


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