Where can I get help?Edit

Ask at the Pumpkin Patch, which is the centralized discussion venue.

What can I do to help?Edit

If you want to make a big difference, check out the to-do list. That'll keep you busy :)

How do I edit a page?Edit

First, create an account. Then click edit! Please be bold and don't worry about doing it right. Someone will fix your mistakes and you will learn. If prompted, try the VisualEditor, unless you think you will be comfortable with wikitext. If you need help, ask at the Pumpkin Patch.

SPCodex uses the MediaWiki software, the same software that powers Wikipedia. As such, there is an exhaustive amount of guides to help you learn how to edit. Refer to mw:Help:Editing as a starting point.

Can I write anything?Edit

As long as it's relevant and POSITIVE, yes. This is a fan site, so please keep out any critical reviews. Try to keep the tone in a semi-professional manner, too, since this site is meant to act as a reference point. Each page has a "Discussion" tab where fans can share opinions.

Also, do not write or upload copyrighted content without permission! See SPCodex:Copyrights for more information.

Do I need to add citations?Edit

No! This is not Wikipedia. We trust you. But, if it's something contentious, a citation wouldn't hurt. Remember to avoid any negativity!

How should articles be structured?Edit

I Am One is a good example of how song pages are structured, and Gish is a good example for an album. See the Manual of Style for more information.

Can I upload guitar tabs?Edit

Unfortunately it would take significant time to locate and import freely licensed tabs from other sites. Instead, for the time being, the "infobox" for each song has a   icon that links to search results on https://ultimate-gutiar.com. This works well because nearly everything is covered there, and they have chord diagrams and that nice scrolling feature -- things we don't have here (yet!). However we recognize there's value in having a curated selection of tabs, so we will investigate creating a system for tab submissions and also video lessons, and maybe even fan covers :)

What kinds of videos can I add?Edit

If it's an official video from SP, feel free to add it to any relevant article. Live videos are good too, if they are of decent quality or there isn't an official video. Any one article shouldn't have more than a small handful of videos, though. Fan covers are currently not allowed, but rules can change.

Where can I find all a list of all the rules?Edit

See SPCodex:Policies and guidelines. There aren't many.

How can I request a page to be deleted?Edit

Add the {{delete}} template, including any rationale for why you feel it should be deleted.