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spn_date   2020-10-22
spn_content   Billy Corgan announces The Smashing Pumpkins' plans to produce a 33-song concept album serving as a sequel to Mellon Collie (Zero) and Machina (Glass)
spn_date   2020-10-22
spn_content   Corgan announces the Machina re-issue is currently being remixed, with the newly tracked album at around 50–51 songs, excluding bonus material.
spn_date   2020-10-22
spn_content   Corgan announces the band's next tour will be a full production Mellon Collie-themed arena tour, though the album will not be played start-to-finish
spn_date   2020-10-16
spn_content   The Smashing Pumpkins announce those who pre-save CYR will be entered into a drawing to win a signed deluxe boxset of the album autographed by Billy Corgan.
spn_date   2020-10-02
spn_content   The Smashing Pumpkins launch an online archive portal where Corgan shares rare imagery throughout his career, with new installments to be released weekly