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Song by The Smashing Pumpkins
RecordedSummer 1989
StudioReel Time Studios
Songwriter(s)Billy Corgan

"C'mon" is a song by The Smashing Pumpkins recorded during the pre-Gish sessions at Reel Time Studios, but was not released on any of the early demos. It's most prominent appearance was on the Mashed Potatoes bootleg, until a live version appeared on 2022's The Rubano Tapes Vol. 2. The song is an example of the psychedelic and hard-rock influences associated with early Pumpkins' material.

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Lyrics[edit | edit source]

yeah, yeah, c'mon
yeah, yeah, c'mon

peel away the day
wondering what to say
yeah, yeah, c'mon

when you're feelin' real slow
and you're reelin' from the show
when you're reachin' from the floor
then you're seein' you at the door
yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah, c'mon

i can't find a day
wondering who i'll be

when you're feelin' real slow
and you're reelin' from the show
ain't lookin' for trouble, ain't lookin' to see
just want a motherfucker like you and me


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The Ignoffo TapeBootleg
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Mashed PotatoesBootleg
The Rubano Tapes Vol. 1Live

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